Summer league aims to bump up volleyball in city

Mitchell’s Plain Volleyball Club were crowned champs of the Summer Volleyball League last week.

Six volleyball teams from across the city took part in an off-season league that came to a close last Wednesday, December 6.

The finals of the Omega Talent Summer Volleyball League took place at Theo Marais sports ground in Milnerton.

The initiative, led by Dino Nair, aims to fill the void left by the conclusion of the Cape Town Volleyball Federation-run league.

The summer league ensures that volleyball enthusiasts stay engaged in high-level competition during the off-season, addressing the substantial gap between September and March when the league is on a break.

The teams compete in a round-robin phase leading up to the finals.

Volleyball enjoys widespread popularity in the city, with both indoor and beach competitions.

The provincial team consistently ranks among the top three nationally, producing numerous national players.

Nair envisions the league becoming a mainstay of the sport, with its inception this year marking a significant step toward that goal.

During the finals last Wednesday, Mitchells Plain VC emerged victorious by defeating Lotus Lions for the gold medal.

The dominant performance of the Mitchell’s Plain side throughout the tournament earned them top honours without facing defeat.

Player-coach Luqmaan Meyer commended his team’s excellence, attributing their success to the guidance of former national player Clint Stemmet and the exemplary leadership of captain Zahid Meyer.

In the semi-finals, the Mitchell’s Plain team secured a convincing victory against the highly-rated Milnerton VC with a score of 35-25.

Despite being the runners-up, Lotus Lions showcased their mettle by challenging the tournament favourites.

Coming in as underdogs, they proved their strength by earning a spot in the finals.

In the semi-finals, Lotus Lions defeated the highly favoured UWC, showcasing their determination.

Coach Kayla Abrahams expressed immense pride in his young team’s performance, emphasising the invaluable learning experience gained during the games.

UWC and Milnerton claimed third and fourth place, respectively, to round off the competition.

With a specific focus on school volleyball, Nair aims to engage youth in positive sporting activities, especially in economically challenged communities.

“My goal is to disrupt volleyball in Cape Town by creating more events for both senior and junior players, with a significant focus on growth and development,” said Nair.

Nair invites all stakeholders willing to contribute to the growth of the Summer League to contact him at

Lotus Lions went back home with runners-up medals from the Summer League.
Fourth place at the Summer League went to Milnerton Volleyball Club.
UWC finished their Summer League in third place last week.