Northern Sububs LFA down but not out

Northern Suburbs LFAs Lee-Hogan Bezuidenhoudt goes on the attack as he tries to bring his side level against Rygate LFA. Rygate won 1-0.

picture: buntu gotywa

The northern suburbs side were impressive during the game and were unlucky to not find that decisive goal that would have pulled them back in the game.

Despite the disappointment of not making the semis, the youngsters showed a lot of character during the Inter LFA games.

Coach Mario Isaacs praised his side for a formidable display of character, but he was disappointed by the referee’s calls at crucial moments during the 1-0 defeat.

“The game itself wasn’t a bad game. The result went against us, but I can say I am totally proud of my boys.

“We had two clear opportunities for penalty appeals. Whenever we were moving forward, the flag went up,” he said.

Isaacs said his captain, Musolino Solomons, and centre forward, Libo Vaydemot, were instrumental in creating chances upfront, but they could not convert it into winning goals.

“The whole team performed very well; we were playing ball and they were playing kick and chase. Upfront, Libo Vaydemot was key and in the middle of the park, Musolino was a master.

“We have a very good, hard working side that perseveres for success on the field.

“All I can say to them is that they should keep their heads high,” he said.

Isaacs said they can only wish for the best for the teams left in the competition. However, more planning is needed from the organising board.

“Today I witnessed the Helderberg and Rygate under-14 game. That Helderberg team had quality football on the field; they really shocked me. Some of the unions that are expected to do well will always get a surprise package,” he said.