Youth put their talents on full display

The Masikhanye Fisantekraal Youth Group.

The Masikhanye Fisantekraal Youth Group showed that there is plenty of talent in Fisantekraal, during an arts and culture afternoon.

The Fisantekraal High School hall was packed with both young and old who attended the group’s first event on Saturday March 25.

The afternoon included various performances by members of the group, from traditional singing to dancing and poetry.

Masikhanye founder Yamkela Hlathini said they wanted to unlock young people’s potential in a community with many challenges.

“If we can come together as young people we can bring change. We are the future generation and it’s up to us to do something,” he said.

Grace Yabo, a mother who attended the event, said her heart was filled with joy and she thanked the youth of Fisantekraal for seizing the initiative. “We need to get our children away from the taverns, away from the alcohol, the weed and the tik,” she said.

Ms Yabo said they needed more parents in Fisantekraal to take interest in their children and take part in events such as this one.

Other acts included Abathandi Bomculo, Mayibuye, Inkwenkwezi and Hleka Uncame. Yamkeli said he was humbled by the turn-out, especially by the parents.