You are phenomenal, says Kuils River blogger

Candice Christians, 35, from Kuils River.

Candice Christians of Kuils River, a motivational speaker and blogger, encourages women to join her newly launched women’s empowerment movement called, “You are phenomenal”.

The 35-year-old single mother says she had faced many struggles throughout the years, including, being bullied by peers, abuse from close relatives and a troubled marriage. She said all along she thought she was alone, however, she found an alternative to help women and get help from women who faced similar challenges daily.

“Throughout my life I have been through so many trials and tribulations and knew that it somehow had to count for something someday. I was lied to, cheated on, emotionally abused, bullied, fat shamed and instead of using social media to rant and rave about it, I chose to use the lessons I learned to help empower other women,” she said.

Ms Christians started her blog, Destiny Unlocked Blog, back in 2016 with the intention of inspiring women by sharing her personal experiences. She said the response from people who visited the site had been overwhelming and it was the good feedback from others which had led her to launch the “You are phenomenal” movement.

“I have had so much personal growth since I started the blog and I want to continue making a difference,” she said.

Instead of people only having the opportunity to read her experiences, she felt that inviting them to speak out would create trust between her and those who get involved in the movement.

She said the “You are phenomenal” movement would be an opportunity for women to express themselves and was a hub for women to share their support and encourage one another.

She said she was turning her home into a live studio where women, who were willing to speak out, would be invited to share their stories with others and live broadcasts would feature on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

She added that the topics she will be showcasing included everyday experiences, “such as growing up without a parent or raising a kid alone, helping women feel comfortable in their bodies and so much more”.

“I knew I had to create a platform for women, some of us are oppressed and we tend to be ashamed to speak about the honest and raw things. My experiences are honest and relatable,” she said.

“I would love for women to climb on board with this project; I feel that it could be a major platform for people to share their honest experiences. A lot of us don’t have help, so I hope that my experiences will allow the women empowerment movement to grow tremendously and that women will show their support as my journey of supporting them continues.”For more information, contact Candice Christians via email on destinyunlockedblog