Woman killed in robbery

Police say the woman, 26, was shot and killed just before 2pm and a case of murder and attempted robbery had been opened.

“Four armed suspects fled the scene and are yet to be arrested,” said Lieutenant Colonel Andre Traut, provincial police spokesman.

Posts on social media identified the butchery as Winelands Pork City and the woman only as Zelly.

One woman said:” RIP Zelly. She is from Wesbank and has a little girl of two or three years old. This is very heartsore. Strong’s to Aunty Maria and family.”

Another woman shared the post, saying her elderly parents worked at the butchery and were there when the attempted robbery occurred.

She reassured friends and family on Facebook saying: “They are okay, under the circumstances and they are trying to be strong but I know
them and they are not. The b******* hit my dad to the ground so hard that his glasses flew off.”

Winelands Pork City could not be reached for comment.