Winter drive to keep little ones warm


The Caring 4 Kidz and Creatures Foundation is running a winter drive to give some warmth to the elderly and young children when the mercury starts to drop.

The group is determined to bring relief to those who need it, despite losing two of its five members earlier this year.

“We held a meeting two weeks ago and decided to continue with the work we started, because we are passionate about this. We want to help and make a difference in our community in any way that we can,” said Durbanville resident and member Kelly Louden.

They hope to hand over 30 care boxes to the elderly in Fisantekraal in May. “ We want to fill the boxes with a scarf, beanie, blanket, basic toiletries and a treat. We also want to decorate the boxes to make it special and to add that personal touch,” said Ms Louden.

They are also preparing care packs to distribute to needy children in May. “We are still speaking to some organisations to find out which areas we can distribute the care packs to,” Ms Louden said.

The team spend their nights and free time knitting the scarfs, beanies and blankets. It takes Ms Louden about an hour to make a beanie. “When we started none of use could knit, but, with time and lots of practice, we got the hang of it.”

The group got together last year, after taking part in the 67 Blankets for Mandela Day. Annalize Jensen was one of them. “I do not have much myself, but through donations and using various resources, we are able to help out in our community, even if it means only helping one person or a small group,” she said. “We are focusing on two big projects for the year, which is our current winter drive and another dog food drive later in the year. We would love to be able to host another Christmas party this year.”

Ms Louden said the group had received good feedback and support from the community and local businesses.

“Some people donate wool or offer to make a scarf or blanket. Schools in the area have helped to collect goods, while businesses have contributed financially.”

Ms Louden, who works from home, said knowing she was making a difference in someone’s life was enough for her.

“I am blessed and privileged to have what I have. I want to give back, even if it’s just helping to keep someone warm during the cold winter nights,” she said.

* The organisation is looking for new members. Contact Ms Louden at 072 903 5995 or Ms Jensen on 071 516 5879.