Water crisis not a ‘myth’ says sub-council 4 chairman

Day Zero is not a myth, a councillor told this month’s Sub-council 4 meeting.

Ward 28 councillor and sub-council chairman Chris Jordaan told the meeting on Friday March 16 that the City had “conservatively projected” Day Zero based on the actual rate of fall in dam levels.

“As irrigation and urban usage has reduced so too has the rate of fall reduced, and our Day Zero projection moved out.

“The crisis put the City’s water income into a deficit.

“We would not deliberately fail to sell water if we had more to sell, as that would provide more income than increasing tariffs,” he said.

Mr Jordaan also red-flagged unfinished work and outstanding invoices on projects funded by councillor’s ward allocations.

“This is a major concern. Some of the projects still have a zero-percentage spending, and it will be highly impossible to spend all this money in the next three months,” he said.

He urged councillors to put pressure on City officials to get the jobs done.

“Councillors please allocate your funds wisely in the next financial years so that a legacy is left behind,” he said.

He also cautioned people at high risk of contracting listeriosis – such as pregnant women, unborn babies, the elderly and those with weakened immune systems – to be careful about what they ate.

“Avoid all processed and read-to-eat meat products. Enterprise-branded processed meat should not be consumed. If you have any such products at home, return them to the place that you purchased it for safe disposal and for a refund,” he said. Sub-council 4 dealt with 3 288 service requests last month, of which 2 7 16 were closed.

Sub-council 4 will meet again on Thursday April 19, at 10am. Call 021 444 7090 for enquiries.