Water collected at depot to help drought-stricken areas


Kuils River water collectors have helped a Stikland water depot collect tens of thousands of litres of water, and distributed 100 000 litres of water since December, to help alleviate the effects of the national water crisis.

But it doesn’t look like they will stop collecting any time soon as the drought is still affecting many parts of the country, says Deon Smit, a water collector who began the drive in Stikland.

Lucinda Raven, a water collection co-ordinator for Water Shortage South Africa, said: “At this stage, we say it is ‘whatever we can get’. On a weekly basis we deliver about 1 500 to 2 000 litres a week to the depot.”

She said there is still a lot of water at the Stikland depot, but said they needed help transporting the water to affected communities.

Kobus Visser, a Kuils River water collector, said they had collected 3 000 litres of water in the past week and had set a target of 5 000 for this week. Since joining the collection drive in January, Mr Visser has overseen the collection of tens of thousands of litres of water and said he joined the initiative because he understands that the basic need for water cannot be taken lightly.

He said while logistics regarding transporting the water had remained “a nightmare”, the community had offered a helping hand, providing transport and collecting water.

“People have come forward in numbers,” he said.

* Call Deon Smit at 082 738 2702.