Tygerberg Hospital seeks men’s families

Tygerberg Hospital is seeking the families of two confused patients who are ready to be discharged.

The pair are, Nicholas Visagie and a patient only registered as “Emergency TBH January Delta”.

Nicholas Visagie was admitted to Tygerberg Hospital on April 16.

Hospital spokeswoman Rozuan Botes said Mr Visagie was admitted on April 16 and claims he is from Kakamas.

Emergency TBH was brought in by ambulance on January 17 and claims he is Nkoyakhe Magqasana from Mossel Bay.

Emergency TBH January Delta

“Both patients are unable to provide any contact details, names or addresses of family members and friends,“ she said.

For more information contact Social Worker, Nicolette Celento at 021 938 5155 or Ms Botes at 082 340 5592.