Two killed on Durban Road

Lizahn Wentzel

Friends and family of Adrian Alley, 19, and Michael Labuschagne, 18, took to Facebook at the weekend to share their grief after the two young men died early on Friday morning when their car crashed through several trees and Durbanville Primary’s School’s fence.

ER24 paramedics and Metro Rescue Services arrived on the scene in Durban Road where they found the mangled vehicle hanging between the fence and trees on the school’s property.

“Upon assessment we found that two people sustained fatal injuries. Sadly, there was nothing that paramedics could do for them,” said ER24 spokes-man, Werner Vermaak.

Lieutenant Marchell Rhode, Durbanville police spokesman, confirmed the incident. “We do not believe the incident is related to street racing,’’ he said.

Durbanville Community Forum chairman, George Sieraha, said it was a tragic loss of two young lives. “I have seen a number of horrific crashes on Durban Road,” he said.

Adrian, from Paarl and Michael, from Durbanville, matriculated from Paarl Boys’ High School last year. Deputy headmaster Richard Visagie, who taught both of them, described them as lively and energetic.

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of these two young lives. This is the fifth loss for the school this year,” he said.

Kayla Azevedo shared this message on Facebook: “My friend, it doesn’t feel real yet. I still want to go on that coffee date we promised each other last weekend. I still want to lay on a hammock and talk about our life goals and what we want to achieve. I still wanted you to achieve them. You are and will always be very special to me, Adrian. And to Michael, thank you for always being so excited to see me and giving the best hugs in the whole world. Thanks for the deep conversations and always making me feel special.”

The funerals will be held on Friday.