Two businesses robbed in Durbanville

Police are investigating two armed robberies at businesses in Durbanville.

On Tuesday September 22, two armed men robbed a Vodacom store in Church Street and fled with an unknown number of cellphones.

The robbers locked two courier staff and a Vodacom employee in the back of a bakkie and threatened another Vodacom employee with a gun, according to Durbanville police spokesman Captain Marchell Rhode.

“A courier delivery vehicle was loading in the back of the shop, when the suspects approached and locked the two couriers in the back of their own van. A Vodacom employee came out to check on the couriers but he too was threatened with a firearm and locked in the back of the bakkie.”

The robbers then forced their way into the shop’s storeroom and took the cellphones before fleeing. They are still at large.

The day before, four men robbed a Kenridge butchery.

According to Captain Rhode, the owner of De Wijnland Butchery was standing outside smoking a cigarette when he grew suspicious about two men who had just gone inside.

“The owner entered the store and found that the place was completely empty. Then, according to the owner, another two men entered the store and forced him by gunpoint into his office, where he found his staff tied up with cable ties.”

The four gunmen forced the owner to open the safe and took cash and cellphones.