Two Brackenfell men convicted for 2017 rape, murder

Two Brackenfell men, Morné Adams and Henrico Klaazen, have been convicted in the Western Cape High Court for rape, murder and other crimes committed during a robbery on a Bottelary Road farm, on December 15 2017.

Brackenfell police spokeswoman Captain Erica Crous said the two men approached a 54-year-old Kraaifontein man who was in his car with two passengers, a 42-year-old woman and a 16-year-old girl from Kraaifontein, on the farm.

Armed with knives, Adams and Klaazen smashed the front passenger’s window, assaulted the man until he was unconscious, tied him up and laid him down on the ground.

The two men then took turns to rape the 16-year-old and they sexually assaulted the 42-year-old woman. They took their cash, a cellphone, a speaker box, sun glasses and a 500ml Coke.

“They then untied the man whom they had assaulted, put him back in his vehicle and told him to leave the farm, which he did. He went to hospital and passed away as a result of his injuries on December 19, 2017,” Captain Crous said.

She said Sergeant Marilize Hansen, now with the Western Cape Anti-Gang Unit, investigated a case of murder, rape, kidnapping, aggravated robbery and sexual assault.

Sergeant Hansen led the arrest of Adams on June 3, 2018 after DNA samples positively linked him to the crime.

“Further investigation led her to Henrico Klaazen. In his home, she found the Vans takkies that they took from the 16-year-old girl after they raped her,” Captain Crous said.

Adams and Klaazen’s trial began on November 2 2020 at the high court, where they were found guilty on October 21 2021 and sentenced on February 25 this year.

Adams was sentenced to four years for kidnapping; nine years on three counts of aggravated robbery; five years for sexual assault; 24 years on two counts of rape and 24 years for murder. The sentences would run concurrently, Captain Crous said.

Klaazen was sentenced to 38 years on two counts of rape and 19 years for murder. The sentences will run concurrently.