Two arrested for illegal firearm, ammo

Police arrested a 34-year-old man in Radebe Street, Wallacedene on Sunday and recovered a fully-loaded revolver.

A 17-year-old youth and a man were arrested in the Kraaifontein area on illegal-gun-and-ammo charges.

According to Kraaifontein police spokesman Captain Hein Hendricks, officers were patrolling Traviata Avenue, in Scottsdene, on Saturday, February 29, after attending an earlier shooting incident in Rusticana Court, when they noticed several young men standing in the street.

“Police then stopped, and one of the suspects threw an object over the church wall they were standing next to, claiming that it was a toy,” he said.

When an officer jumped over the wall, he recovered a.38 Special revolver with one round chambered.

“Upon further investigation it was also discovered that the firearm was stolen in Wellington during February 2019.”

A 17-year-old was arrested and taken to Kraaifontein police station.

In a separate incident on Sunday, officers arrested a 34-year-old man in Radebe Street, Wallacedene.

“Police were busy with routine crime prevention patrols when they noticed a man walking with a firearm in his hand.

“When the suspect saw the police he dropped the firearm and started running. The police apprehended the suspect and also recovered the firearm,” said Captain Hendricks.