Truck driver nabbed with dagga

A truck driver was found with dagga in Bellville.
A 28-year-old truck driver from Kraaifontein was arrested for the possession of drugs in Bellville on Monday January 6.

A traffic officer, who was conducting a routine traffic stop on the N1, was informed by a motorist that a truck nearly collided with his vehicle.

The officer spotted the truck, which was zig-zagging on the road, and gave chase.

He managed to get the truck driver to stop his vehicle.

Cape Town traffic spokesperson, Maxine Bezuidenhout, said: “As the driver got out of the truck, the officer got a strong smell of air freshener. The driver was unsteady on his feet and had sleepy eyes, and his speech was slurred.”

The driver told the officer that he had driven through the night and that the wheel alignment on his truck was off.

His vehicle was searched by a second officer who had arrived on scene. He found five pockets of dagga in the truck.

Ms Bezuidenhout said, “The driver admitted that the dagga belonged to him.”

The driver was arrested for driving under the influence of a narcotic drug, possession of drugs and reckless and negligent driving.

The truck had a full load of grapes and was headed to Cape Town Harbour.