Traffic offences alarm sub-council


Sub-council 3 chairman Taki Amira said they have received alarming statistics drawn from operations conducted recently by traffic enforcement within its boundaries.

A total of 42 operations were conducted between November last year and March this year.

* On Frans Conradie Drive, 20 operations were held and 884 offences were recorded with 112km/* recorded as the highest speed.

* On Monte Vista Boulevard, 13 operations were held and 1 208 offences were recorded, with 123km/* recorded as the highest speed.

* On Giel Basson Drive, seven operations were held, 218 speed offences noted, and 124km/* recorded as the highest speed.

* On Plattekloof Road, two operations were held and there were 106 speed offences, with 118km/* recorded as the highest speed.

“Hopefully with continued effort and the message getting through, we can only pray to see a downward trend in the figures,” Mr Amira said.

* Mr Amira said the subcouncil has approached deputy mayor Ian Neilson to address a public meeting at the Bellville civic centre in April on the City’s proposed 2016/17 budget which will be tabled at council at the end of March.

The date is yet to be confirmed, and Mr Amira said invitations will be sent to the sub-council’s ward committee members and other relevant people on the sub-council database.