Traffic cop held for reckless driving


A traffic officer has been arrested in Kuils River following a high-speed chase just after 4am on Saturday.

A member of the Integrated Roadblock Unit tried to stop a white VW Jetta travelling towards Kuils River without headlights, but the driver refused to stop and raced off along Voortrekker Road in the direction of Kuils River.

During the chase, the driver of the Jetta tried to drive the officer off the road several times, according to Mayco member for safety and security, JP Smith.

Near the Kuils River police station, the vehicle stopped and two young women jumped out.

But before the driver sped off, he misjudged and hit a kerbed island, blowing out two of his tyres.

The driver was arrested for drunk driving, but refused to provide a breath sample. He was also charged with reckless and negligent driving and intimidation, after threatening the arresting officer’s family.

It was later determined, said Mr Smith, that the suspect was a traffic officer based at Gallows Hill in Green Point and that the women who jumped from the vehicle were allegedly prostitutes.

“This arrest just confirms that we will catch and charge anyone, without fear or favour. The behaviour of some road users is despicable, as we can see from the number of arrests every week. It becomes even more distasteful when those breaking the law with such disdain are the very people meant to uphold it,” said Mr Smith.

Law enforcement officials arrested 207 suspects in the last five days with traffic authorities arresting 155 suspects in several roadblocks – 138 of them for driving under the influence of alcohol.