Traffic calming

policy is


Johan Viljoen, Durbanville

The more often someone repeats a lot of hogwash the more this person is inclined to believe his own version of the story.

I refer to the reaction of JP Smith, Mayco member of safety and security in reply to a letter from H Petrick of Durbanville (“Revise traffic laws”, Northern News letters, March 17). Petrick is correct in everything stated in the letter.

I need to add the following: The City of Cape Town has no policy to promote the flow of traffic. It does, however, have a “traffic calming” policy. Needless to this policy’s focus is to inhibit traffic flow by all means possible and in the process waste as much of drivers’ money with fuel wastages and time lost. Useless stop street signs and speed bumps are just some of the examples I can mention.

Recently there was a report in the media about measures to clamp down on vehicles going up Hospital Bend at 20km/* with a smoking exhaust. The focus was pointed at the smoke, instead of the speed of the vehicle which slows down other traffic and the detrimental effect it has on productivity of people.

So, Mr Smith, I suggest you start to focus on the important things. As Petrick stated, there are elections coming up.