Trading plan

D Beelders, Vasco

Mayor Patricia de Lille’s “poor people approach” is basically propaganda (“Trading plan derailed,” Wednesday October 25).

So, those people who want to do an honest day’s work and serve the community are shunned due to City of Cape Town budget cuts.

But the City can flagrantly waste millions of rands a year on weekend get-aways; rehabilitate people who don’t want to be rehabilitated; conduct ongoing work at Cape Town Stadium; spew out glossy pamphlets, which are largely not read by the masses; and employ top-level managerial teams, who are basically incompetent.

But then again, our dysfunctional council set out a grandiose plan, at great cost, two years ago to upgrade the informal trading plan for the greater Goodwood precinct.

Then queries, comments and suggestions by the “peasants” were mostly ignored by the City and the plan was eventually scrapped.

So, entrepreneurial skills are obviously rated very low as far as the City is concerned.