Trading plan for Kuils River CBD

Anda Ntsodo.

An informal trading plan is on the cards for Kuils River central business district.

The plan, which is recommended by the mayoral committee, is awaiting council approval.

If approved, there will be 258 dedicated spaces at 10 sites for informal traders.

The biggest site, with 179 bays, would be at the Shoprite area on the corner of Carinus and Nooiensfontein roads. Van Riebeeck Road, would have 15 bays, while Amandel and Church streets would get 20 trading bays.

The proposed plan stemmed from a request from Sub-council 21 to the City’s area-based service delivery directorate.

Anda Ntsodo, the City’s mayoral committee member for area east, said the plan created opportunities for economic inclusion.

“These bays will unlock business opportunities in the area. Access to the informal economy is as important as access to the formal economy as it plays a vital role in creating opportunities for business growth and the development of entrepreneurial skills.

Informal trading creates an environment where those who are unemployed can earn an income,” said Mr Ntsodo.