Three Bellville pharmacy staff test positive for Covid-19

The Mkem 24-hour pharmacy

 A 24-hour Bellville pharmacy closed for decontamination on Wednesday night after three staff tested positive for Covid-19.

On Sunday, the M-Kem pharmacy said an employee had tested positive, and then on Tuesday it noted that two more employees had the virus. The pharmacy said it had closed for two “deep cleaning” sessions. A third happened on Wednesday, and the pharmacy is expected to be open again on Friday.

Two of the infected employees were after-hours cleaners, while one was a day cleaner, and staff they had been in contact with would self-quarantine for 14 days, the pharmacy said.

“Mkem is allowed to continue trading 24 hours a day. Our customers and staff health is of paramount importance to us and we will continue to update the public on our status as soon as possible and ensure complete transparency when doing so,” the pharmacy said.

The provincial Health Department said the pharmacy would be allowed to continue trading following decontamination.