Third album on track

Gregory Noble says his new album will inspire listeners.

Northpine gospel singer, songwriter and television presenter, Gregory Noble is putting the finishing touches to his third album, which he hopes to release in the coming weeks.

He says the 10-song album titled Through it All, will inspire people and help those who have lost loved ones. Gregory, 45, says he always knew he had a good voice but didn’t know how to put himself out there.

He says people were shocked when he released his first album Still You Love Me 10 years ago. Five years later he released Still Standing before taking a sabbatical.

“Through it All will be my comeback album and for those who have forgotten my name.”

His songs are based on personal life experiences which many can relate to and they can also be comforted by the messages.

“I have struggled financially to get my music out there over the years but I have stepped into Cape Town, from my hometown in George, where I am giving my gospel career another shot,” he said.

Gregory says his inspiration is Jonathan Butler who hails from Athlone and is now a musical icon.

“Coming from nothing, just like Jonathan, who’s a good friend of mine, we have had many challenges in the industry but working at our craft is what kept us in the game.”

He said other artists should be prepared to be “eaten alive” in the industry but must try to stand out.

Gregory is currently in Port Elizabeth where he is working on finishing the album and creating videos.

He says the most difficult part of creating the album is juggling his time as he is a freelance journalist by day, a KykNet presenter on their show Klop and songwriter and singer by night.

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