Thieves target cars, cops warn

Brackenfell police have warned of a spike in thefts from cars in the area.

“Most of these crimes occur in our residential areas with a few incidences at malls and in the industrial areas,” said Brackenfell police spokeswoman Captain Erica Crous.

She warned motorists not to leave valuables in their cars.

Captain Crous said the thefts were happening day and night, particularly in Protea Village.

Officers had recently walked from home to home in Protea Village during the early morning to inspect security arrangements.

“If the premises were identified to be a crime risk, a note was left for the owner stating why their residence is seen as a threat,” Captain Crous said.

Eleven homes had been identified as crime risks and several cars had been parked with valuables visible inside, she said.

Brackenfell police also warned that remote jamming had been used in a series of recent vehicle break-ins. Criminals use a device to block the signal from the car’s alarm remote.

“Please make sure that your vehicle is properly locked before walking away,” Captain Crous warned. “We tend to just press the remote without actually checking if the vehicle is locked. Perpetrators can be up to about 40m away and still successfully jam your vehicle.”