Thank you SAPS

Thandi Thoba, Kuils River

I wish to convey my deepest appreciation to constables Saul Valentine and Heinrich Adams who responded to an incident on Friday June 8, where my son was robbed at gunpoint at our home.

I was notified by my neighbour that my son was being robbed at gunpoint and that the two guys wanted him to unlock the door to our house.

On my way home from Brackenfell, where I work, I phoned the police to report the incident.

By the time I got to my home in Kalkfontein, the police were already there, scouring my house and yard, looking for the culprits.

One constable even took my keys to open the door and proceeded to enter before me, just in case the robbers might still be inside.

I have never seen this type of action from the police before, and I don’t have the words to say how grateful I am to these two gentlemen who responded.

We always tend to hear and read only about the “negative” things about the police and seldom about the good that they do, but this time I would like to commend them for their efforts.