Thank you for the memories

Anne Lewis, Panorama

Thank you very much for a very interesting edition of the Northern News on Wednesday October 26, taking us down memory lane.

Our family came to Cape Town in December 1954. We moved into Da Gama mansions in Smith Street, Parow.

At that stage, they weren’t quite completed. The parquet flooring still had to be laid. I remember the National Bazaar, they eventually became Woolworths. It was the first of their branches in the northern suburbs, if I remember correctly. Next to them was Berkman’s Pharmacy, The Candy Cafe.

On the next corner was this “huge” OK Bazaars. A lovely shop. One could buy just about everything there: groceries, clothing, material, sewing patterns and knitting wool. On a Saturday evening, we would go and do “window shopping”, walking up on the side where the OK was as far as LL Motors. Then we would cross over Voortrekker Road and walk back. Bradlows was there, along with Grand Bazaars, Lesley’s Florists, Morkels, Personal Cleaners, Lewis Stores, Wellington Fruit Growers and Wiborgs, who are still there.

Eventually when I got married and was working here in Parow, I would go during my lunch time to the OK to make up my groceries for the month. They would deliver to my address free of charge, as we didn’t have a car at that stage.

With all these shopping malls in the area now, I never go down to Voortrekker Road any more, but the memories remain.

Love your little paper and wishing you all the best for the future.