Thank you

Elise Abrahams, Audiologist at Tygerberg Hospital

This letter serves to commend and express gratitude to the staff at Tygerberg hospital, and the CTICC, for the services rendered to my family during the past month.
My father arrived home 3 weeks ago with a terrible headache, body aches and fatigue. The next day, he started to display flu-like symptoms. I took him to be tested for Covid-19 to the Triage Testing Centre at Tygerberg hospital on 21 June. I was so impressed with the warm, friendly service we received. 

The testing facility was spotlessly clean and the hygiene requirements put in place were commendable. The staff were efficient and worked well together as a team.

I was tested for Covid-19 on 23 June. My symptoms included a complete loss of smell and taste, and headaches. 
Once again, the staff were gracious and the doctor who obtained the swab was efficient, quick and the experience was painless. We received our results with 2-3 days, and we tested positive.
My mother also tested positive a few days later.
My father’s medical condition deteriorated quickly. On 24 June, we returned to the Triage Testing Centre because he was very tired and short of breath. In fact, he could barely speak or walk. I was so grateful that a bed was available at Tygerberg hospital. 
The doctors and nurses on duty that day were brilliant! They continuously kept us informed on the status of availability of a bed. They explained all procedures patiently. 
They treated the patients so respectfully. It filled my heart with pride, to know that the service extended to patients during this Covid-19 pandemic is of such a high calibre. 
I was proud to be employed at the hospital and to tell others about the wonderful ways in which the province is providing for its citizens during this trying time.
My father was admitted to ward D9. He was completely satisfied with the service in the ward and stated that the food was good, and the nurses and doctors were friendly. 
A few days later, he was transferred to the CTICC hospital. Once again, he stated that the medical treatment he received was stellar. 
He was impressed with the hygiene standards, food and staff who served there during the last week of June. 
A week later, he was discharged and seemed in good spirits about his experience with Covid-19.
Our family would like to extend our gratitude to all the staff at Tygerberg hospital involved in any way in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. 
Together, we are making a difference in individuals lives, as well as, those of their families. Thank you for the commitment shown by everyone in the province, who contribute daily to serve our people. We are indebted to you all.