Tears for Tazne

Mirna Rinquest, Pa Connie Haynes and Dillon April of New Hope Jeremiah Project in Connaught Estate.

There was rage on the streets of Goodwood and Parow after the man accused of killing eight-year-old Tazne van Wyk made his first appearance in court.

Hundreds of protesters chanted,  “We want justice” outside Goodwood Magistrate’s Court on Friday February 21 as others scaled the dock to get a look at Moehydien Pangaker, 54, who has been charged with the kidnapping and murder of Tazne. 

The child went missing in Connaught Estate two weeks ago. 

Investigations led police to Cradock where Pangaker was arrested and he then led them to Tazne’s body in a stormwater drain in Worcester.

Pangaker has a long list of previous offences around the country, including murder, abduction and child neglect in 2001; possession of stolen vehicle, theft, assault and house break-ins. He was paroled each time.

At the court, not-for-profit organisations and parents waved home-made posters emblazoned with messages and pictures of Tazne. Some shed tears, others showed anger, others looked on helplessly.

Tania van Niekerk from Voorbrug, Delft, stood in front of the riot police, shouting: “Why are you protecting him?”

Wilfred Hartnick, of Kraaifontein, was one of many calling for the death penalty and for the election of a female president because “woman feel the pain of all of our children”.

Nombulelo Jack, of Bellville, said she was worried her children wouldn’t return from school one day.

“We can no longer say it takes a village to raise a child when we can no longer leave children with a neighbour, an uncle or even a son. We have to teach our children not to trust anyone.”