Suspect goes for ‘gun’ but cop nabs him without firing a shot

The car batteries recovered by police.

Police arrested two suspected thieves outside Parksig Villas without firing a shot, despite one of them pulling what appeared to be a gun on an officer.

The gun later turned out to be fake.

According to Bellville police spokeswoman Sergeant Anele Siwisa-Dambuza, two Bellville Crime Prevention Unit officers, Sergeant David Salmans and Constable Jesreal Cupido, noticed two men, one with a backpack, walking in Conradie Street, on Sunday July 19. One of the men ran off as the officers drew up in their police vehicle.

Sergeant Salman stayed behind the wheel and pursued him, while Constable Cupido remained with the man carrying the backpack. The man drew a “gun” from the bag, but Constable Cupido arrested him without firing a shot, while Sergeant Salman caught the other suspect.

“When police searched the backpack, they found a laptop, camera, a voice recorder and two cellphones, while the search also found that the gun the suspect used was fake,” Sergeant Siwisa-Dambuza said. “The suspects were charged with possession of stolen property, possession of a fake gun, assault of a police officer and pointing a gun in public.”

The police have asked that anyone who thinks the suspected stolen property is there’s to visit the Bellville police station to identify it.

On Friday July 17, Bellville officers stopped a car with an open boot in Frans Conradie Street and arrested three men who couldn’t explain how they had come in possession of six car batteries, a side cutter, a box key and a wheel spanner.