Support Tekkie Tax Day

This Friday May 27, you can show where your heart lies and help your preferred charity organisation in South Africa by supporting National Tekkie Tax Day – the only day when you do not have to wear your heart on your sleeve but on your feet.

There are 11 national beneficiaries this year, and together they represent more than 1 000 local organisations.

There is a saying that goes, “Little by little, a little becomes a lot”, and, at only R10 a sticker or R35 for a pair of Tekkie Tag shoelaces, you can make a difference.

You can buy your shoelaces at any Clicks store or a sticker at your nearest ToysRUs or BabiesRUs. There are also hundreds of local welfare organisations selling them, so there is no excuse not to participate. For more information about Tekkie Tax Day, visit or email