Sub-council 21 reviews ward allocation, draft market policy


Ward allocation policy changes, social development and proposed standard procedures for community-based vendors, were among the main topics discussed in Sub-council 21 on Wednesday January 20.

* Review of ward allocation policies:

The sub-council has the opportunity to propose changes to the ward allocation policy, sub-council chairman Steven Mavuba, said.

Approved in 2014, the policy creates opportunities for councillors in the sub-council to identify ward projects and work together with ward committees to improve the quality of life of all residents, Mr Mavuba said in a statement.

“Not only will the revised policy tighten up any ambiguities, it will also iron out issues that could be misinterpreted.

“The policy will also see better alignment with the City’s Integrated Development Plan.”

He also called for the funding of ward projects to be used for extra projects by councillors and approved by the sub-council. He said these funds should not be seen as top-up funds for line departments.

“Once approved, the policy will improve service delivery and create opportunities for partnerships with the community,” he said.

* Proposed standard operating procedures for community-based vendors

Mr Mavuba said the councillors agreed with the objectives of the proposed standard operating procedures for small business enterprises, which look to improve the access of vendors to business opportunities presented by the council.

“Section 73 of the Supply Chain Management Policy provides that the director for Supply Chain Management may request quotations directly from community-based vendors in a specific community for the procurement of goods and services for amounts less than R30 000,” he said.

He warned that there is often a lack of understanding of the pre-requisites set for some of the vendors.

“The sub-council agreed with the comments from the Office of the Speaker and requested that the proposed standard operating procedures document be revised and resubmitted to the February sub-council meeting,” Mr Mavuba said.

* Draft Market Policy:

Sub-council 21 has the opportunity to submit comments on the draft Market Policy which aims to provide a distinction between what constitutes a market and what represents an event, as well as providing a current and consistent process for market management.

Residents can comment on the policy to the City from February 1 to March 1, Mr Mavuba said.

Comments, input or recommendations can be submitted by fax: 021 444 9846; email:; written submission: PO Box 298 Cape Town, 8000; or you can hand in your comments, input or recommendations at the municipal buildings.

Call 021 444 9045 for more information.