Students get financial aid

UWC staff and students celebrate at the Access to Success closing ceremony after raising R1 708 259 in pledges.

The University of the Western Cape has raised more than R1.7 million for students needing financial aid.

Students and staff called alumni across the country and solicited pledges from the public during a month-long phonathon that was part of the university’s Access to Success Campaign.

“The old saying rings true that it takes a village to raise a child,” said UWC rector and vice-chancellor Professor Tyrone Pretorius, “but it’s also true that it takes a whole campus to raise up a student. And when we all band together to help others become educated, there’s no limit to the benefits to society as well as the difference it makes to individual lives.”

The objective was simple: raise money to stop students dropping out because they couldn’t afford to continue studying.

Patricia Lawrence, UWC’s director of institutional advancement, thanked everyone who supported the campaign.

“This wouldn’t have been possible without the students who manned the call centre for the duration of the campaign, calling up every alumnus of the university to make a contribution,” she said. Access to Success started last year, when more than R1 million was raised in a phonathon.

Samantha Castle, manager of the UWC alumni relations office, said last year’s contributions had helped 93 students.

“Deserving students, who might otherwise have dropped out, can now go on to become teachers and doctors and scientists and philosophers — and make their mark in the world.”

Students may apply for Access to Success funding through the university’s financial aid office.