Strip-searched in public

A Scottsdene woman has accused the police of strip-searching her for drugs in front of her neighbours.

Natasha Wildschudt, 23, says she “got a shock of her life” when two police vans stopped in front of her and a friend who were watching her two-year-old son play in Rusticana Street on Friday, November 8.

The officers from Kraaifontein police station accused her of dealing drugs.

Ms Wildschudt said she was ordered into the back of a van to be searched, “while her son watched.”

She said a female officer had told her to remove her pants and underwear and squat three times “to see if any drugs are falling out.”

But, according to Ms Wildschudt, the van’s door was left open and, with tears in her eyes, she saw people watching, “passing bad remarks and giggling.”

“I asked the officer if she cannot search me inside my house but she became angry and said I must do what I am told. I don’t do drugs and I don’t sell it.”

Ms Wildschudt said she had opened a case at Kraaifontein police station but had not been given a case number.

Instead she was told to return 15 days later and “they will keep her up to date with their plans for further action”.

But police had not made contact with her and she was being mocked by the public and needed psychological help, she said.

“I need to speak to someone… like a counsellor or something because this is something I just cannot shake off.”

Her relationship with her boyfriend was on the rocks because of the incident, she said.

Ms Wildschudt became tearful when she told Northern News she had to run away from a supermarket because men – from her street had commented on her “having fat private parts.”