Street naming after ‘drug lord’ is quashed


An attempt to rename a street after an alleged gang boss and drug lord in Blue Downs was rejected unanimously by the Sub-council 21 naming committee on Wednesday April 13.

An application for the renaming of Zach Crescent to Colin Stanfield Crescent was submitted on January 28 by Jean Muanda on behalf of Ralph Stanfield, according to Brett Herron, chairman of the City of council’s naming committee.

The City could not say how Ralph and Colin were related but it has been reported elsewhere that Ralph is Colin Stanfield’s nephew.

A subsequent report from the City’s planning and building development management department determined that the application be refused, Mr Herron told the Northern News.

“The proposed street name is in contradiction with the policy guidelines contained in the naming policy of the City as amended by council on 29 August 2012. As such no public participation has been undertaken or deemed necessary,” said Mr Herron.

He added it should be noted that the proposal did not comply with the any of the strategic objectives of the City’s integrated development plan and that the applicant had not provided proof of any support for the proposal from the surrounding local community as required in terms of section 7 .3 of the naming policy.

Mr Herron said the recommendation to the naming committee was that the application for the approval of the renaming of the street from Zach Crescent to Colin Stanfield Crescent, “must be refused”.

Explaining why, he said: “ The intention of naming public facilities after people is to honour and to give recognition to those who have contributed in a positive way to rebuilding our multi-cultural society and democracy.

“We cannot name a street, or any other public facility, after a person who is associated with drug trading and gang activity. Our communities are terrorised daily by gang activity, and there is no way that we can take this proposal seriously. The committee members agreed and as such the proposal was rejected unanimously.”