Stabbing ‘appears to be random’

The man accused of stabbing a 12-year-old De Vrije Zee Primary School pupil 33 times last week was expected to make his third appearance in the Goodwood Magistrate’s Court yesterday, Tuesday July 18.

Moain Salie, 31, from Delft, is accused of stabbing Ronan Whitaker 33 times while he was playing soccer on a field opposite his home in Paarl Street on Tuesday July 11, at 1.30pm. Schools are currently closed for the holidays.

Goodwood police spokesman Captain Waynne Theunis said the motive of the attack was unclear.

“According to information the boy was playing soccer with his friends in Paarl Street when the suspect approached him. After asking for the boy’s name the suspect stabbed him 33 times with a sharp object. The boy was stabbed in both his hands; while trying to protect himself, head, neck and upper body. The suspect did not take anything from the boy,” he said.

After the altercation the suspect walked away, but was apprehended by Goodwood police minutes later.

Newly elected chairperson of the Goodwood Community Police Forum John Ross said the CPF has contacted the family to offer them any help they may need as well as to ensure that the family is kept informed about the progress of the investigation.

Mr Ross noted: “It is difficult for parents to ensure the safety of their children without allowing them to be children and play in the park. Giving a child an expensive cellphone can also make the child a target for criminals,” he said.

He urged residents to become more involved with the various neighbourhood watches in the area to ensure that there are more “eyes and ears” in the area.

“It is extremely difficult for the police to combat this type of crime as it appears to be a random, motiveless crime at this stage. All credit must go to the witnesses and police in effecting a speedy arrest,” he said.

Ronan underwent surgery last week and is recovering.