Squatters out in Anderson Street

Dr Lee Scharnick-Udemans from the Desmond Tutu Centre for Spirituality and Society.

The problem house at 5 Anderson Street, Goodwood, has a new owner, and the property has been bolted shut to keep out the squatters who once lived in the dilapidated house.

Two weeks ago, Northern News reported on residents’ frustration at having to live near the property, scene of a fire and illegal construction (“Light at the end of the tunnel,’” Northern News, May 17).

On Wednesday May 24, a resident told us that the squatters had been evicted from the property. But a man who said he was the new owner’s father denied that. He said he had paid the occupants to clean up the place and they had left on their own accord.

He would not identify himself and said no pictures should be taken of the mattress, walking ring and other goods on the pavement.

Ward 27 councillor Cecile van Rensburg said she had seen the activity at the house during a ward inspection on Wednesday May 24. She said 5 Anderson Street had been on the Goodwood list of problem buildings for some time.

“Judging by the mattresses and other items on the pavement it seemed as if an eviction of some kind took place. I was glad to hear that a new owner will take ownership and that the house will soon be restored so that the residents of the area can feel proud to call Goodwood home,” she said.