Spike in robberies in Goodwood

Goodwood police are warning about an increase in house robbery, house break-in and theft incidents.

Captain Waynne Theunis said in the house robbery incidents, residents are targeted at night or in the early morning.

“Two to three suspects operate with different types of cars. In certain incidents the cars are hired from rental companies. Goodwood police urged residents to report suspicious activities and not to confront these suspects.

Captain Theunis said residents should be observant and vigilant when leaving and returning to their houses.

“Normal theft incidents are also a concern for Goodwood police. In most incidents cellphones and dust bins are stolen. Cellphones are stolen from handbags or school bags,” he said.

Four men were sentenced to 15 years in prison in the Parow Regional Court on Wednesday May 30 for a hijacking which took place on Friday December 9 2016 in Goodwood.

Warrant Officer Jacques Pieters and Sergeant Steven Drury had seen three of the men put on reflector jackets and suspected they were involved in car jamming incidents.

When they later saw two of the men inside a delivery truck and the other two in a Toyota Avanza in Alice Street, they smelled a rat and pulled over both vehicles.

The officers found that the truck, with a load of liquor to the value of R500, had been hijacked and the driver ordered to drive to Langa.

Captain Theunis said the conviction is indicative of the hard work by the investigating officer, Detective Sergeant Charles Jafta. “During the investigation Detective Sergeant Jafta successfully kept the four men in prison through a successful bail application,” he said.