SPCA saves pit bull Princess

Cape of Good Hope SPCA senior inspector Alwyn Marais with Princess.

Officials from the Cape of Good Hope SPCA confiscated a three-month-old pit bull during an undercover sting operation at a local shopping centre on Sunday July 2.

SPCA spokeswoman Belinda Abraham said officials had reacted on a tip-off about the sale of puppies with cropped ears.

“Evidence was obtained suggesting contraventions of the Animals Protection Act 71 of 1962.

“The SPCA stands opposed to the mutilation of animals for cosmetic reasons, which includes but is not limited to – ear cropping,” she said.

“In addition, it is alleged that the puppy seller and a friend were personally responsible for the cropping of the pup’s ears – a procedure which we have no doubt resulted in a great deal of pain and suffering for Princess (as she’s now been named) as it was likely to have been carried out in the absence of anesthetic/analgesia.”

The Facebook post by the SPCA was shared about 200 times – with many thanking them for the work they were doing.

One comment read: “Brilliant work. We need harsher sentences for the awful people that would do this. Without your organisation I can’t begin to imagine the degree of suffering which would go undetected.”

Another post read: “Well done SPCA, thank you for all your sterling efforts to help little Princess and all our defenceless animals, who are subjected to such cruelty.”

Princess spent the night at the SPCA animal hospital where she received a warm bed, food, a thorough vet check and a lot of love.

Ms Abraham said the investigation into the maiming of this puppy was ongoing and they would lay charges of animal cruelty against the perpetrators – once enough evidence had been gathered.

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