Social housing project tops agenda

The development of a R200 million social housing project near Goodwood train station is “on track”, according to Ward 27 councillor Cecile Janse van Rensburg.

She told Sub-council 4 last week she had met with the developers and consultants from DCI Community Housing Services (DCICHS) who had presented the project to sub-council on Friday August 18 (“Housing project on track,” Northern News August 23).

The five-storey block of flats is a mixed-use development, with shops at the bottom.

Ms Janse van Rensburg said mayor Patricia de Lille’s decision on Tuesday October 10 to sign agreements with social housing partners had bolstered the project.

Ms De Lille said in a statement that there was a need to break down the legacy of apartheid in society and redress the imbalances of the past.

“Government cannot tackle this alone, and we need public-private partnerships that have proven to be successful with many other housing projects before. What we aim to achieve with our partners in affordable social housing projects is to ensure that we build an inclusive, integrated city where everyone feels a sense of belonging and where they do not feel isolated because of income disparities.”

Ms Janse van Rensburg said the developers would break ground next year, and she would let people know when they could start applying to be part of the housing project.

Sub-council 4 chairman Chris Jordaan said Ms Janse van
Rensburg should ensure that those living near the site be kept informed about meetings relating to the development.

Sub-council approved an application to extend trading hours at Ultra Liquors in Goodwood from 6pm to 8pm from Monday to Saturday.

The next sub-council meeting will be at the Parow Municipal offices on Wednesday November 22, at 10am.