Sex pest lurks outside school

Schools have been told to be on the alert for strangers loitering near their grounds after police arrested an alleged sex pest outside a Parow primary school.

Provincial police spokesman Captain FC van Wyk said Parow West Primary School had reported the 47-year-old man on Wednesday April 11 for flashing his genitals to pupils.

”It was alleged by several witnesses the suspect would park his car near the school entrances, where he would perform inappropriate sexual deeds in full view of the children. This had occurred over a period of time,” he said.

Police patrolled the area on Thursday April 12 and spoke to witnesses.

“Some of the pupils disclosed that the suspect had offered them money to get into his car but they had declined,” said Captain Van Wyk.

Then on Friday April 13, officers had spotted the man’s car near the school.

“They requested the driver to exit the vehicle and noticed that his pants were still down. They subsequently arrested him,” said Captain Van Wyk.

Armed with a search warrant, police had searched the man’s home and seized pornographic material involving children.

The man appeared in Bellville Magistrate’s Court on child-pornography charges on Wednesday April 18.

Parow police spokesman Captain Kevin Williams said the man was in custody awaiting legal representation for his bail application and would appear in court again today, Wednesday April 25.

Parow Community Police Forum chairman Roger Cannon thanked those who had helped to apprehend the suspect.

“Schools must remain vigilant during the morning, afternoon or during the day especially during the intervals,” he said.

Children should walk in groups and, if approached by someone suspicious, take note of that person’s appearance as well as the make and colour of their car.

Mr Cannon said sexual predators often tried to entice their victims with money and gifts.

“The old story, ‘don’t take things from strangers’ still holds true today.”

He urged schools and parents to warn children that sex predators could come in many guises.