Serve the community

Jan Kotze, chairman, Greater Kraaifontein Sports Council

It’s with great sadness I note that community police forum members can spend time fighting over who should lead these structure while not getting paid (“CPF dispute over local elections,” Northern News, June 29).

You avail yourself for the CPF position because you want to rid our communities of crime and play a role in observing that the police perform their duty to fight crime and that senior police management supervise police stations properly.

Brackenfell and the greater Kraaifontein areas are experiencing serious and violent crimes ranging from gangs, drugs, robbery, ATM scams and shootings daily.

I have observed that robberies happen early in the mornings when people are going to work.

New areas like the flats and houses in between Scottsdene and Northpine have become targets of criminal activities.

Sports complexes have also become targets for criminal activities.

It seems to me some use the CPF structure as a battleground to score cheap political points. Some, it seems, just want to carry the position for some prestige.

Let’s serve our communities and not our personal aspirations.