Security officer hurt in ambush


An armed response officer from Bassett Alarms was injured after he was ambushed while responding to an alarm activation on a farm in Durbanville.

Response officer Phillip van Eck was dispatched to a farm on Westerdale Road just before 7pm on Wednesday May 25. When he arrived at the farm, he started inspecting the property.

“He was busy turning a corner when he heard a noise behind him, he turned around and saw three suspects that were already almost on him. We believe that the suspects were hiding in bushes and shrubs close by when the officer arrived,” said Bassett Alarms police and neighbourhood liaison officer Hennie Groenewald.

Mr Van Eck was attacked with a metal pipe and knives, leaving him with several cuts to his hands and body.

“The three suspects kept attacking the officer in a frenzy to get to his firearm, but he managed to defend himself and retain his firearm. He was, however, not able to fire at the suspects,” said Mr Groenewald.

The attackers eventually fled the scene, leaving Mr Van Eck on the scene, who then managed to contact Bassett Central to request back-up.

District Bassett armed response personnel, the Durbanville police and various neighbourhood watch members were all informed and were on the scene within minutes to assist. ER24 paramedics arrived on the scene a short while later and took Mr Van Eck to Durbanville Medi Clinic for treatment. He was released on Thursday May 26.

Mr Van Eck from Boston, has been with Bassett Alarms for the past two months. Mr Groenewald says he has extensive skills and training and followed the proper procedure during the call-out. “He previously worked in the security sector and came to us from another security company.”

He added: “We want to thank Durbanville police, neighbourhood watch members and ER24 paramedics that reacted so quickly to the call.”

The Durbanville police are currently investigating the incident. No arrests have been made yet.