Securing a home for Shandon Farm animals

The Shandon Farm is situated on the corner of Bottelary and Botfontein roads.

A Kraaifontein couple has offered to help the Change For The Better Foundation secure a home for more than 250 animals on the Shandon Farm.

Coreen and Gerrit van Zyl said their idea to help the organisation came about when their Jack Russel, Buddy, ran away from home on Guy Fawkes Day in November 2017 and was kept at the Change For The Better Foundation, an animal-welfare organisation based in Kraaifontein.

Last year Northern News reported that the foundation was just days away from losing its farm unless it came up with a whopping R4.8 million (“Buy a brick a brick protect a paw”, Northern News, November 21, 2018).

The foundation had a lease with the farm owner for two-and-a-half years but the lease expired on December 31 and the farm went on sale. With having first option to buy the farm, they sought help to raise money through their “Buy a brick. Protect a paw” campaign to stop the shelter animals ending up as strays.

Ms Van Wyk said they only managed to raise R550 000, which is not even enough to pay for half of the farm.

Ms Van Zyl said Buddy had tried to escape the loud bangs of the fireworks and ended up being found by Annelie van Wyk, the foundation’s director.“We saw a post on Facebook and I immediately contacted the foundation because I knew it was Buddy. When Annelie answered my call, I asked if I could please speak to Buddy, knowing he would respond. And he did. Annelie said this is definitely your dog.”

Unfortunately, Buddy died in March last year.

Ms Van Zyl hailed Buddy as a hero and said, “If it was not for Buddy escaping from fireworks, we would not have known that the farm was going to be lost and lots of animals left homeless. Everything happens for a reason.”

The Van Zyls have managed to purchase half of the farm to use as their own private residence while the other half will be owned by the foundation.

She said Change For The Better Foundation sees to the needs of animals in the community, especially when an owner can’t afford sterilisation and vaccinations.

Ms Van Wyk encourages people to continue contributing to the Buy a brick. Protect a paw campaign.

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