Scottsville woman gets PhD in physical oceanography

Faith February graduated with a PhD in physical oceanography at UCT on Friday. Picture: Supplied.

A Scottsville woman, Faith February, graduated with a PhD in physical oceanography at UCT last Friday.

The field is described as “under-researched” by the university.

Her doctoral dissertation explored the role of microscopic atmospheric particles on Earth’s climate.

Ms February, who is the first in her family to get a degree, said she had managed to pull off her academic achievement while juggling her responsibilities as a mother to three children.

“But in the end, it was the best way to give the children first-hand experience of their mom studying. And that was an education too,” she said.

“They learnt new words, such as oceanography, atmospheric aerosols, biogeochemistry, and meteorology. I wrote all these tongue twisters on little cards to keep them occupied while I was in meetings.”

She is currently involved with Project Kuongoza, a mentorship programme for women and girls…

Faith February with her 86-year-old father, Abraham October, who is holding a picture of his daughter in her graduation gown. Picture: supplied.