School name change

B Robertson-Muir, Avondale

I am an ex-parent of The Settlers High School.

It was with shock and horror that I read of the proposed name change (“Settlers High debates name change,” Northern News, November 2). It has become a standing joke between my siblings and I that we did not attend school.

The primary school we attended was flattened to make way for a road. The high school has become Northlink College. Some of my siblings joke that they can go to their primary school now, it is an old age home (Hernus Kriel).

I really don’t want this for my children. Why not use the money that will have to be wasted on such nonsense to benefit a poor child’s education?

Many ex-pupils who have made it in the world of sport, acting and music will surely not be happy.

You can then empty your trophy display as they will no longer be part of your school. My five cents’ worth.