School fees

Serdinand Tromp, Northpine

On October 20, I received a red letter from Northpine Primary School, dated October 16, warning that I am in arrears with my school fees for my child.

I phoned the school immediately and demanded to speak to the deputy principal, Mr King, who was in a meeting at the time.

When he called back later, I told him I am extremely upset about the letter warning that I will be handed over for collection.

I assured Mr King that I had paid my son’s school fees in 2016 for 2017. Mr King also asked me if the matter had not been resolved as of yet, as I had brought this issue of school fees to his attention in June when I had received another letter about not being up to date with school fees for 2017.

Mr King said he would get back to me on Monday October 23. When I visited the school on that day, I told the finance clerk, Ms Baron, that I had already paid my child’s school fees for 2017 and had misplaced my receipt. I also told her that on the date that I had paid I had also received discount on school fees and it was in October last year, but I couldn’t remember the exact date.

She said she would check the receipt books from October/November of 2016 and get back to me.

I phoned the school the next day and explained my dissatisfaction to Mr Pasquallie, the chairman of the school governing body. He asked when I had paid and if I had any proof of payment?

I told Mr Pasquallie that I had misplaced my receipt and he said he would get back to me. The same day, Ms Baron called to say she had found found my proof of payment, although the printout was faded.

I asked her to send me a copy of the receipt and it was not faded at all.

This is always an issue at Northpine Primary School regarding school fees at the end of the year. Three years ago the same thing happened.

I am fed up as no apology has been made by the principal. How many other parents have also been falsely accused of not paying. This school always has money issues.

This letter was sent to Northpine Primary School last week, but the school did not comment by the time this edition went to print.