Scholarship programme

Adam Botha from Welgelegen

The educational company, Pearson, will provide 12 full scholarships for first year students at its Pearson Institute and CTI higher education campuses across the country in 2017. It is also offering a further 47 half-scholarships for second and third years.The scholarship programme started this year with seven full Pearson Scholars Dylan Heath from Durbanville and Adam Botha from Welgelegen were among the recipients and they are both studying at the CTI campus in Durbanville which is owned by Pearson. Dylan is studying Information Systems (Engineering) after matriculating from Durbanville High School and says he has an ambition to carve out a career in the IT industry. Adam went to DF Malan High School before starting a BSc in Information Technology at CTI with a long-term view to starting his own IT company. Applications for 2017 Pearson Scholarships close on January 20 next year. Details can be found at or