‘Say no to drugs’

Sergeant Ricardo Meisenheimer addresses the pupils at Watsonia Primary School.

Kraaifontein police officers Sergeant Ricardo Meisenheimer and Constable Kamvelihle Bobotyani visited Scottsdene High, Wallacedene High, Masibambane High and Watsonia Primary schools earlier this month and spoke to pupils and staff about how drugs fuel violence and crime.

“Some drugs like dagga, alcohol and mandrax make you feel laid back, but unfortunately the long term use of it causes lethargy and makes it hard for students to study or complete assignments.

“Some drugs, such as cocaine and ecstasy, make you feel alive and energised. But you can also feel anxious, nervous and paranoid when coming down from the high,” said Captain Hendricks. Long-term use of drugs destroyed nerves, took away appetite, and caused sleeplessness leading to depression and sometimes death.

People responded differently to the same drugs and the more drugs they took, the more they would become dependent on them, until, as drug addicts, they were prepared to commit crime to find money for drugs.

“Drugs will make you lose your ability to make the right decisions and make you more vulnerable to sexual and physical assault. Say no to drugs,” he said.