Runners, cyclists come out in droves

Denise Herdien and Zelda Joseph.

regulations may have relaxed a little on Friday but Capetonians didn’t. They
came out in droves, many wearing face masks, which are now compulsory, and took
to the promenades, parks and roads. Joggers, cyclists, dogs and babies, they
were all there, despite heavy fog.

Among them was
Parow runner Zelda Joseph who ran a half Two Oceans “home run” on Saturday
April 11 in her Parow garden. On May Day she ran 10km within a 5km radius of her home with
her friend Denise Herdien.

“After 35
days lockdown we welcomed this morning with open arms taking to the open roads
stretching our legs on a joyous 10km run feeling free as birds appreciating God’s
gift of life,” said Ms Joseph. She said it was perfect weather and she felt so

Locals and
visitors flocked to Sea Point promenade. There was no way they could keep to
the physical distancing and some even stood close to others chatting. Regulations
state that people may run, walk or jog within a 5km radius of their homes,
between 6am and 9am. 

There was no siren to mark the end and as time ticked
away many continued their exercise. There were no enforcement vehicles in
sight. Big Bay, Table View and the Strand promenade had a similar turn-out.
People have complained to the authorities and are now calling for exercise
hours to be extended to allow people to be physically distanced. SAPS warned
that from Saturday May 2 there would be zero tolerance, that everyone must wear
a mask, that people should only run/walk/cycle on paved areas only and that
beaches and grass were strictly out of bounds. People are not allowed to drive to areas to exercise, but should do so near their own homes. 

By 9am all
exercise in public must stop.

Premier Alan
Winde has petitioned national minister to provide for extra times to reduce the volumes of
people exercising at any one time. Mr Winde said people took advantage of the relaxed level 4 lockdown regulations. 

It was
considerably quieter on Saturday.