Robbers caught

Two men were assaulted and robbed in their home on Bottelary Road, at the weekend.

Brackenfell police spokeswoman Captain Erica Crous said the men were cleaning their yard at about 5.30am on Sunday when three men came up to them and demanded money.

One of the housemates, a 53-year-old man, was hit twice over the head with a pick handle when the robbers found he had no money on him.

The robbers ran off and the two men retreated into their house, only to be confronted five minutes later by the returning robbers who pushed open the front door, and took the 53-year-old man’s wallet and phone.

He was stabbed in the arm, leg and buttocks with a sharp object.

Both he and his friend also sustained head injuries and were taken to hospital.

Armed with a clear description of the robbers, police arrested three suspects soon afterwards. They are from Brackenfell, Macassar and Hermanus, aged 26, 24 and 18, respectively.