Robbers arrested

Parow police arrested two men who allegedly robbed a commuter at Parow train station using a toy gun.

The man was mugged while waiting for a train on Thursday January 11, at 5.30am, said Parow police spokesman Captain Kevin Williams.

“One suspect walked toward the victim, pointed a firearm at him and took his cellphone and money. Police were busy with patrols in the vicinity of Parow train station when they came across the suspects,” he said.

Officers found a cellphone on the suspects as well as toy gun and money. “The victim later stopped the police vehicle to report the robbery but the two suspects were already in the police van. The victim identified the suspects and his cellphone.
R2 100 was also taken from the victim.”

According to Captain Williams, early morning robberies have plagued Parow for quite some time.

The two men appeared in the Bellville Magistrate’s Court on Friday January 12.