Retired cop killed by own dog

Officer Henry Kleynhans

A retired police officer was mauled to death by his own pit bull at his home in Belmont Park, Kraaifontein, on Thursday night, February 8.

The dog turned on its owner, Henry Kleynhans, 50, as well as his wife, Ruth, who is in ICU at Karl Bremer Hospital. Neighbours say the couple were found lying in pools of their own blood.

Residents say Mr Kleynhans had just spoiled himself and his son to a new car and motorbike on the Tuesday before the incident. His new Harley Davidson was splattered with blood stains.

A trail of blood marked the path where the animal dragged his owner’s body around the house.

Mr Kleynhans’s son, Chad, who was not home at the time of the attack, was too distraught to speak to the media.

The former police captain was stationed at Kraaifontein SAPS and had retired in January last year.

Neighbour Eldridge Africa, 32, said he had heard a commotion at the house and had gone to see what was happening.

“I heard a weird noise coming from the house before 10pm; my girlfriend and I went to look what was going on.

“When we arrived at the gate, we saw Mufasa, the dog, dragging his owner and tried to fight him off… but he wouldn’t let go. He’d just brought his new motorbike home that day and never got to ride it.

“He was a calm guy who always did everything for everyone. He always told us something about that dog wasn’t right.

“His wife was bitten on her arms, legs and stomach and was lying in the passage next to her house in a pool of blood.”

Doctors at Kraaifontein Day Hospital said Mr Kleynhans had lost too much blood and died.

The SPCA immediately collected the dog after the deadly attack.

Police spokesman Captain FC Van Wyk confirmed the incident and said an inquest had been registered for investigation.

— Daily Voice